ципа в океане
suddenly, i felt i've been drained of all the powers i got.
i cannot see my hands because they are so far down.
it seems like the air i breath in is toxic and insides of my lungs itch or hurt or something i can't describe.

i am so afraid of what's happening.
it is all like sitting on a time-bomb, waiting for it to explode or to be deactivated.

i love you so much it literally hurts.
and i am afraid of that.

everything is fine. everything is better than possible.
and i saw you only an hour ago.
so why am i missing you already? why am i in pain when you are not so far away.

every time you go, it feels like ages for me. even if you go to the bathroom, i think 'come back soon'.
i don't want to lose the image of you. i so much hope that you don't want the image of me.

i hear you saying you live me with all the passion. i know it is true.
but i am so greedy for these words. i want to hear them more and more.

i love you more, than to the moon and back.